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Memory Ribbon

Memory Ribbon

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Our One World Ribbon collection includes different messages in 7 languages. We use the satin ribbon to give the rich elegant look. Perfect for valentine's day, corporate events, graduation parties, baby shower, wedding, and just about any occasion. Each ribbon measures 3/8" wide and sold in rolls of 25 yards.
Size 3/8" x 25Y
Color Chocolate w/ Memories Print
Category Message
Item # 358-91
Image Sku Name Description Size Color Category Item #
358-09 Love Ribbon 3/8" x 25Y Hot Pink w/ Love Print Message 358-09
358-23 Dream Ribbon 3/8" x 25Y Royal Blue w/ Dream Print Message 358-23
358-33 Thank You Ribbon 3/8" x 25Y Orange w/ Thank You Print Message 358-33
358-46 Friend Ribbon 3/8" x 25Y Yellow w/ Friend Print Message 358-46
358-91 Memory Ribbon 3/8" x 25Y Chocolate w/ Memories Print Message 358-91


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